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If you are looking for an inexpensive wedding venue near Boston Massachusetts, we are offer the best value for money. Having an Inexpensive Wedding Venue in Massachusetts actually means, orchestrating the wedding in a cost conscious manner without sacrificing the quality. Sit with your partner and define what a “Inexpensive Wedding in Massachusetts” means, determine what is important to both of you. Then just by changing a few variables you will be surprised to see how the wedding costs can go up or down easily. Our wedding venue is located at a drivable distance from Boston, Massachusetts so you can save you all the big city costs. Plus we are located in a quiet and beautiful location, which will make your wedding memorable. Expensive weddings need months of planning and can be a logistical nightmare. Using the following unique and creative wedding ideas, you can have a magnificent wedding without sacrificing what matters most to you.


1. Think Outside the Box
Popular wedding venues can be very expensive. Select an undiscovered place like ours. Wedding venues listed in the back of magazines pass on their advertising dollars to their customers. Check us out and you will be amazed, by our beautiful location and great price. Moreover, your guest will love a new location, as apposed to those standard popular places, which they must have visited already.


2. Look to the Suburbs
If you want to save money on your wedding venue, consider wedding venues and facilities like ours that are not located in the city. Wedding venues are costly in bigger cities, so moving your wedding out of town can save a lot of money. Our location in Rindge, NH, is in close proximity to Massachusetts, conveniently located not far from Boston, Leominster or Manchester, NH.


3. Combine the Ceremony and Reception Space
Stay at one location for your wedding ceremony and also for your reception. That will save you some money and your guests will like not having to drive from the ceremony to get to the reception!


4. Go for the Off-Season
Most wedding venues tend to lower their prices in off-peak seasons. But on peak or off peak, you’ll save THOUSANDS by choosing to host your special day with us.


5. Have a Morning Wedding
Plan your wedding on a non-premium time slot. Serving brunch or lunch at the reception is much cheaper than serving a dinner.


6. Don’t Get Married on a Saturday
Saturday is the most common day to get married. It’s convenient for all, it is the most also the most expensive. Wedding venues also lower their prices for weddings held mid-week.


7. Size of the wedding
The number of guests will directly impact the wedding costs. Some wedding venues in MA, also have a minimum guests limit so you may want to choose a wedding venue which is flexible enough. More people mean more expenses on food, larger wedding cake, transportation cost and even more cost for print invitations.


8. Photos and Video
Your wedding photos and videos will capture this beautiful event and serve as reminders for that wonderful day. However, selecting an old school professional photographer can be expensive. With advances in technology, and the most advanced cameras being available at a lower price – finding a friend who can manage this for you can save you a lot of money. In fact with social media you can even broadcast your wedding live over the internet.


9. Invitations
We encourage you to jump on the internet and unleash your design skills to create your own invitations. Hiring a company from the yellow pages might be expensive.
There are several “wedding invitation” online services with on-demand printing which can save you money. Even better would be to go digital and use the internet to send out and manage invitations. That can be a real money saver, a neat example of having an “Inexpensive Wedding” without sacrificing quality.


At Hidden Hills, we equate inexpensive wedding to “reasonably priced wedding”